Blue Bird Superlub Spray - General Lubricant

Fast Lubricant

It is an advanced heavy duty lubricant. Lubricates the components operating under load, reducing friction and wear and extending their life. It lubricates gears, chains and rollers, prevents rusting, does not decompose with water in humid environments and forms a protective film by entering between water and metal.It gives the best result under heavy load. Used in automotive industry, conveyor, crane and forklift systems. It does not contain carcinogenic substances.

Size / Piece / Feature 400 ml spray
Blue Bird Silicone Spray

Transparent Care

It has been specially formulated to be used for maintenance, lubrication, cleaning and friction reduction. It prevents static loading and rust formation. It gives shine and protection to plastic parts and prevents cracking. It maintains door and hood tires, engine belts, ratiator pipes, vehicle tires and prevents them from sticking and freezing. The V-belt is used for the lubrication of doors and locks, seat rails, sunroof hinges.

It eliminates squeaking and rubbing noises. It prevents dust retention by preventing static electricity build-up. It cleans the car dashboard and gives it shine. It facilitates the process of connecting rubber pipes during assembly. It does not contain ozone and chemicals that harm human health.

Size / Piece / Feature 500 ml spray
Blue Bird WG 303 Lithium White Grease

Permanent Lubricant

High pressure resistant lubricant, lubricant and protector. Waterproof, prevents friction. It quickly penetrates the metal and provides permanent lubrication. It is resistant to -40 C / +150 C heat. It protects against corrosion. It is used especially for maintenance, repair and lubrication in all environments that come into contact with water. It is used in motor vehicles, ship motorcycles, doors, hinges and pins, bicycles, rail systems, pulleys, chains, bearings and bearings, guns and hunting tools, hoists, conveyors, steel ropes, forklifts. It does not contain carcinogenic substances.

Size / Piece / Feature 500ml spray
Blue Bird Oil 22 Synthetic Lubricant

Fast Lubricant

OIL 22 spray is a product specially formulated from full synthetic oils that can operate at low and high temperatures, and can lubricate even at very high speeds. It gives very good results in embroidery machines. It is colorless and odorless. It does not carbonize and darken as quickly as in mineral oils, it has high load carrying and friction reduction ability. It is used in places determined by embroidery machine manufacturers and provides long-term lubrication and economy according to its emsalls. It does not stain and does not contain substances harmful to human health.

Size / Piece / Feature 500 ml spray