Blue Bird Brake Pad Cleaner

Efficient Cleaning

It is a specially formulated product to be used for cleaning oil, dirt, silicon and dust on brake discs and drums, brake pads, clutch presses and parts, gearbox and differential. It is used on oily and dirty machine parts, all metal materials to be cleaned, glass and ceramics. Solidified oil dissolves grease residues, immediately flies away, leaving no residue. Provides optimal brake hold, cuts squeak during braking. It gives excellent results in engine cleaning. It does not contain ozone and chemicals that harm human health.

Size / Piece / Feature 500 ml spray
Blue Bird Silicone Spray

Transparent Care

It has been specially formulated to be used for maintenance, lubrication, cleaning and friction reduction. It prevents static loading and rust formation. It gives shine and protection to plastic parts and prevents cracking. It maintains door and hood tires, engine belts, ratiator pipes, vehicle tires and prevents them from sticking and freezing. The V-belt is used for the lubrication of doors and locks, seat rails, sunroof hinges.

It eliminates squeaking and rubbing noises. It prevents dust retention by preventing static electricity build-up. It cleans the car dashboard and gives it shine. It facilitates the process of connecting rubber pipes during assembly. It does not contain ozone and chemicals that harm human health.

Size / Piece / Feature 500 ml spray
Blue Bird Rust Remover Spray

Throw the Pass

It is used in all rust-prone areas. Service quickly solves many problems during the repair, maintenance and production phases. It works perfectly when removing rusted bolts, screws, and stuck door hinges. Prevents squeaking noises. It dissolves rust, oils, protects against rust. It is used to purify electrical cables and plugs from water, to secure contact at distributor heads, to clean all kinds of chains and to protect them against rust. It cleans the bitten surfaces and enables the working mechanisms to move more easily. It does not contain carcinogenic substances.

Size / Piece / Feature 500 ml spray
Blue Bird Carburetor Cleaner

Economy in Fuel

Quickly cleans the sticky residue inside the carburetor without the need to disassemble it. Eliminates deposits in cylinders, valves and parts. It minimizes the carbon dioxide level in the vehicle and provides economy in fuel consumption by providing better fuel flow. It does not harm the environment, does not contain ozone-damaging and toxic substances.

Size / Piece / Feature 500 ml spray
Blue Bird Liquid Grease

Transparent Lubricant

It is used in the lubrication process of bearings, door hinges and pins, gears, rails, and all parts subjected to impact and shaking. Provides comfortable drilling and cutting in drill and cutter operations. It does not combine with water and repels water from the environment. It is a product with a structure that can work under heavy load, resistant to high temperature (180 C). With its high penetrating and holding feature, it leaks down to the smallest areas and maintains this feature for a very long time. It acts as a filling material for bolts. It is suitable for use in many places such as forklifts, hoists, steel ropes, heavy machinery, and conveyors. It does not flow or drip, it is transparent in color and provides permanent lubrication. It does not contain carcinogenic substances.

Size / Piece / Feature 500 ml spray
Blue Bird Contact Cleaner - Oily

Sensitive Protection

It dissolves dirt, oxide, sulphite and hardened oils in electronic, mechanical and electrical devices, cleans and removes moisture. Again lubricates loosen stuck parts, facilitates movement. It prevents oxidation by making a transparent film and keeps moisture away from the surface. It does not damage the applied surface. It does not contain substances that are harmful to human health and nature.

Size / Piece / Feature 500 ml spray
Blue Bird Engine Cleaner

Complete Cleaning

Cleans oil, dirt, grease and residues from engine, gearbox, half-axles and other parts. It forms a protective film by draining the dirt from the surface. It provides shine and prolongs the oil and dirt accumulation time. It does not damage painted, rubber and plastic surfaces. It does not contain harmful substances to human and nature.

Size / Piece / Feature 500 ml spray
Beta Lotus General Cleaning Liquid

General Cleaning

It is used as a floor and general cleaner in many areas such as factories, workplaces, auto repair shops, offices. It is a concentrated product. It cleans all kinds of floors with great speed and has excellent degreasing feature. It does not leave residue after cleaning. It easily cleans oil, tar and dirt on metal parts.

Heavy Pollution 1/10

Medium Pollution 1/40

It is used in light pollution by increasing it with 1/100 water.

Size / Piece / Feature 30 kg.